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Major Food Group is a company that is very passionate about food and very passionate about New York.

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Major Food Group (MFG) is a New York based restaurant and hospitality company founded by Rich Torrisi, Jeff Zalaznick and Mario Carbone. 

We are innovators. We are disruptors. We are the next generation who will take this industry to the next level. We are grounded in classic hospitality training with the goal of pushing boundaries and therefore pushing our entire industry into the future.

We stand behind the basic principle that food has to taste great, or we are simply not doing our jobs.

We believe a restaurant must have delicious food, it needs to be fun, and it needs to tell a complete story. There needs to be a point of view. Every dish and every detail within the restaurant needs to have a reason and a purpose. 

We believe in a new breed of fine dining. The paradigm of dinner and a show no longer exists. Dinner has become more than a meal. It’s now the evening activity, and it’s our responsibility to provide an enjoyable experience from beginning to end that feels natural, not overbearing, and that leaves you with a smile on your face.

We are entrepreneurs. We are optimists. We see every turn in the road as an opportunity. We do not believe in setbacks. We see them as a chance to do something better or different and to take us in a creative direction that we may have not seen before.

We seek to find the right answer wherever that answer may be. We encourage all to be a part of the conversation. There is no ego in our process, there is only a common desire to create the best and do the best.

We want to be the best. We must be the best. We will be the best if we continue to strive for excellence and we continue to improve. We need to change the game, and we need to raise the stakes. If we know we are all doing that all of the time, then we are doing everything that we can to move this industry forward and we are living up to our name, MAJOR FOOD GROUP. 

If you wish to contact us for press, jobs or other information, please go to Contact, or Anti-Discrimination Policy.